Collections List

The following is a list of all the collections held in the Barnard Archives. The active links in the list connect to collection-level records in CLIO, PDF files of inventories and findings aids. The headings that are not linked indicate unprocessed collections and records. Please contact the Archives to request access.

College Records

Record Group Number Collection Name
Record Group 1: Board of Trustees
BC 1.1 Charters and Amendments [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.2 By-laws and Statutes [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.3 Treasurer, George Arthur Plimpton Papers, 1889-1936 [Finding Aid]
BC 1.4 Minutes [Finding Aid]
BC 1.5 Ledgers
BC 1.6 Correspondence [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.7 Committees [Finding Aid]
BC 1.8 Biographical Files [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.9 Treasurer's Reports [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.10 Financial Records and Reports [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.11 Francis T. Plimpton [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
BC 1.12 Long Range and Master Planning [Finding Aid]
Record Group 2: Chief Administrators Papers
BC 2.1 Ella Weed, Chairman of the Academic Committee, 1889-1894
BC 2.2 Emily James Smith (Putnam), Dean, 1894-1900 [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 2.3 Laura Drake Gill, Dean, 1901-1907 [Inventory]
BC 2.4 Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve, Dean, 1911-1947 [CLIO]
BC 2.5 Millicent Carey McIntosh, Dean, 1947-1952; President, 1952-1962 [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 2.6 Rosemary Park, President, 1962-1967 [CLIO]
BC 2.7 Martha Elizabeth Peterson, President, 1968-1975 [CLIO]
BC 2.8 Jacquelyn Anderson Mattfeld, President, 1976-1980
BC 2.9 Ellen Victoria Futter, President, 1981-1993
BC 2.10 Judith Rae Shapiro, President, 1994-2008
BC 2.11 Biographical Files
Record Group 3: Buildings and Grounds
BC 3 Buildings and Grounds [Finding Aid]
Record Group 4: Letters Files
BC 4 Faculty and Administrative Letter Files, 1889-1904 [Finding Aid] [Inventory]
Record Group 5: Administrative Offices
BC 5.1 Dean's Office and Departmental Correspondence, 1904-1960 [Finding Aid]
BC 5.2 Admissions [Finding Aid]
BC 5.3 Registrar [Finding Aid
BC 5.4 Bursar [Finding Aid]
BC 5.5 College Activities [Finding Aid]
BC 5.6 Provost and Dean of Faculty [Finding Aid]
BC 5.7 Development [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 5.8 Communications  [Finding Aid
BC 5.9 Career Services [Finding Aid]
BC 5.10 Centennial Office [Finding Aid]
BC 5.11 General Counsel [Finding Aid]
BC 5.12 Wollman Library [CLIO]
BC 5.13 Instructional Media and Technology Services (IMATS)
BC 5.14 Disability Services
BC 5.15 Dean of Studies
BC 5.16 Orientation and Activities
BC 5.17 Residence Halls - Residential Life & Housing
BC 5.18 Finance and Operations
BC 5.19 Mail Services [Finding Aid]
BC 5.20 Campus Security [Finding Aid]
BC 5.21 Health Services
BC 5.22 President's Office
BC 5.24 Special Events
BC 5.25 Central Records
BC 5.27 Human Resources and Personnel
Record Group 6: Faculty
BC 6.1 Faculty Committees
BC 6.2 Faculty Meeting Minutes [Inventory] [CLIO]
Record Group 7: Early Academic Records
BC 7 Early Academic Records
Record Group 8: Alumnae
BC 8.1 Graduate Class Files [CLIO]
BC 8.2 Memorabilia [CLIO]
BC 8.3 Class of 1952 Collection
BC 8.4 Biographical Files [CLIO] [Inventory]
Record Group 9: Associate Alumnae
BC 9 Alumnae Affairs [CLIO]
BC 9.1 Biographical Questionnaire
BC 9.2 Barnard College Club of the City of New York [CLIO]
BC 9.3 Barnard College Long Island Club
Record Group 10: Barnard Beginnings
BC 10 Barnard Beginnings Petition
Record Group 11: Adminstrative Publications
BC 11.1 Student handbooks and Residence Guides
BC 11.2 Recruitment Materials [Finding Aid]
BC 11.3 Communications - Calendar of Events
BC 11.4 Orientation Booklets and New Student Orientation Program Books [Inventory]
BC 11.5 Dean's Report (1898-1952) President's Report (1947-2002) [Finding Aid]
BC 11.6 Faculty Handbook [Inventory]
BC 11.7 Blue Book (Student Handbook)
BC 11.8 Alumnae Magazine [CLIO]
BC 11.9 Freshman Facebook
BC 11.10 Robert McCaughey Statistical Profile of the Barnard College Faculty, 1900-1974 Papers [Finding Aid]
BC 11.11 Circular of Information, Announcements, and Course Catalogues
BC 11.12 Barnard Connection
BC 11.13 Parent Handbook
BC 11.15 ...At Barnard: The Barnard Employee Newsletter
BC 11.16 Barnard Byline and Barnard Byliner
BC 11.17 Bear Outlines
BC 11.18 Barnard College Student Activities Calendar
BC 11.19 On Broadway
BC 11.20 Jobseekers Newsletter
BC 11.21 Commuter Express
BC 11.22 Career Services - Career Development
BC 11.23 Barnard Reporter
BC 11.24 Barnard Weekly Newsletter
BC 11.25 Barnardiana
BC 11.26 Barnard on the Move
BC 11.27 Barnard Centennial News
BC 11.28 Sources
BC 11.29 Public Relations Calendar
BC 11.30 Columbia-Barnard Course Guides [Inventory]
BC 11.31 Barnard College Activities Office News
BC 11.32 Barnard College Activities Office Happenings Calendar
BC 11.33 Young Alumnae Committee Newsletter
Record Group 12: Student Publications
BC 12.1 Mortarboard [1894-2013 available online via Digital Collections] [CLIO]
BC 12.2 The Barnard Bear (1905-1948) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.3 The Barnard Bulletin [1901-2002 available online via Digital Collections] [CLIO]
BC 12.3.1 The Barnard Bulletin Supplement
BC 12.4 Barnard Literary Magazine (1974-1985) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.5 Focus on Barnard (1948-1967) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.6 Upstart Magazine (1977-1986) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.7 13th Article (1996-1998) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.8 The Barnard Barnacle (1923-1927) and  Barnard Quarterly (1926-1944) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.9 The Torch (1959-1963) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.10 Barnard Poetry (1952) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.11 Black Heights (1979-1988) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.12 Bottle of Wine (1994) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.13 Onsite (1992-2013) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.14 Calendula: A Barnard Femist Publication (1979-1980) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.15 Common Ground (1981) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.16 Echoes [Finding Aid]
BC 12.17 Emanon (1969-1973) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.18 Eve's Rib (1986-1988) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.19 Folkus (1995) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.20 Fracas (1964) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.21 Jabowoc (1959) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.22 Proxy Magazine (2006) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.23 Reorientation (1970) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.24 Soul Sister (1992) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.25 Undergraduate Journal of Barnard College (1962-1963) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.26 Why We Strike (1970) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.27 Woman's Work, A (1967) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.28 Kosher Digest (2002-2003) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.29 Qzine (2005) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.30 Plimpton Cookbook (1971) [Finding Aid]
BC 12.31 Well-Woman Newsletter [Finding Aid]
BC 12.32 Well-Woman Calendar [Finding Aid]
BC 12.33 Student Government Association (SGA) Newsletter [Finding Aid]
Record Group 13: Academic Departments and Programs
BC 13.1 American Studies
BC 13.2 Anthropology [CLIO]
BC 13.3 Architecture
BC 13.4 Art History
BC 13.5 Program in the Arts [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 13.6 Barnard College Summer School for Women Workers in Industry [Finding Aid] [CLIO]
BC 13.7 Africana Studies
BC 13.8 Biology [CLIO]
BC 13.9 Botany [CLIO]
BC 13.10 Chemistry
BC 13.11 Classics
BC 13.12 Computer Science
BC 13.13 Centennial Scholars [Inventory]
BC 13.14 Dance [CLIO]
BC 13.15 Institute For Urban Education [Inventory]
BC 13.16 Economics
BC 13.17 Education
BC 13.18 English
BC 13.19 Environmental Sciences
BC 13.20 Experimental Studies Program
BC 13.21 Forum on Migration
BC 13.22 Foreign Studies Area
BC 13.23 French
BC 13.24 Freshman Seminar Program
BC 13.25 Human Rights Program
BC 13.26 Geology
BC 13.27 German
BC 13.28 Health and Society
BC 13.29 History [CLIO]
BC 13.30 Studies in Humanities
BC 13.31 Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
BC 13.32 Italian
BC 13.33 Linguistics
BC 13.34 Comparative Literature
BC 13.35 Mathematics
BC 13.36 Medieval and Renaissance Studies
BC 13.37 Music
BC 13.38 Barnard Forum
BC 13.39 Center for Toddler Development
BC 13.40 Philosophy
BC 13.41 Physical Education and Athletics [Finding Aid]
BC 13.42 Physics
BC 13.43 Political Science
BC 13.44 Psychology [CLIO]
BC 13.45 Quantitative Reasoning Program
BC 13.46 Religion
BC 13.47 Russian
BC 13.48 Reacting to the Past
BC 13.49 Sociology
BC 13.50 Spanish
BC 13.51 Statistics
BC 13.52 Athena Center [Finding Aid]
BC 13.53 Minor Latham Playhouse/Brinckerhoff Theatre records, 1903- [CLIO]
BC 13.54 Theatre [Finding Aid]
BC 13.55 Urban Studies
BC 13.56 Women's Studies
BC 13.57 Writers on Writing
BC 13.58 Womens' Center /Center for Research on Women, 1972-1991 [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 13.59 Barnard Electronic Archive and Teaching Lab (BEATL)
Record Group 14: Ceremonies
BC 14.1 Commencement [Inventory]
BC 14.2 Barnard Day
BC 14.3 Inaugurations
BC 14.4 College Anniversaries [CLIO]
BC 14.5 Senior Week [CLIO]
BC 14.6 Class Day
Record Group 15: Alumnae Scrapbooks
BC 15.1 Laura G. (Levy) Jackson, 1893 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.2 Jessie May Wendover, 1896 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.3 Susan I. Myers, 1898 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.4 Gertrude C. (Clark) Hitchcock, 1903 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.5 Frances Hope (Purdon) Leavitt, 1905 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.6 Edith Somborn (Issacs), 1906 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.7 Mary Catherine Reardon, 1907 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.8 Sophie Parsons Woodman, 1907 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.9 Florence G. (Sammet) Rothschild, 1908 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.10 Alice Catherine Grant, 1909 [Finding Aid]
BC 15.11 Edith Louise Allen, [student, 1907-1910]
BC 15.12 Stella Hanau (Bloch), 1911
BC 15.13 Irma F. (Heidon) Kaufman, 1911
BC 15.14 Eleanore Myers Jewett, 1912
BC 15.15 Florence (Van Vranke) Weber, 1912
BC 15.16 Mariette (Gless) Barkhorn, 1913
BC 15.17 Ethel (Webb) Faulkner, 1913
BC 15.18 Grace R. (Greenbaum) Epstein, 1915
BC 15.19 L. Margaret Giddings, 1918
BC 15.20 Dorothy Oak, 1918
BC 15.21 Marian D. (Townsend) Carver, 1919
BC 15.22 C. Elizabeth McNeil
BC 15.23 Marie-Louise (Omeis) Flordia, 1920
BC 15.24 Dorothy (McGrayne) Olney, 1922
BC 15.25 Cordelia S. Loomis Hull, 1925 [CLIO]
BC 15.26 Everita Edes, 1928
BC 15.27 Martha Beattie, 1931
BC 15.28 Charlotte Gabor DuBois, 1942
BC 15.29 Marilyn (Mittlemen) Check, 1947
BC 15.30 Palm Beach Avenue
BC 15.31 Carol Elaine Gordon
BC 15.32 Barnard on East-End Club
BC 15.33 Kate Tiemann, 1911
BC 15.34 Lenore Guinzberg Marshall, 1919 [CLIO]
BC 15.35 Anne Fleischer, 1964
BC 15.36 Edith Bernstein, 1952
BC 15.37 A. Gertrude (Bunger) Zufall, 1919
BC 15.38 Class of 1963
BC 15.39 Rose Gerstein Smolin, 1911
BC 15.40 Frances A. Henderson, 1937 and Amy J. Schroeder
BC 15.41 Amy Tuttle Raynor, 1921
Record Group 16: Oral History
BC 16 Oral Histories [Centennial Project Inventory] [1970s Project Inventory]
BC 16.2 Class of 1971 Oral History Collection [Finding Aid]
Record Group 17: Photographs [CLIO] [Selections available online via Digital Collections]
BC 17. 1 Academics
BC 17.2 Administration
BC 17.3 Athletics
BC 17.4 Buildings and Grounds
BC 17.5 Class Portraits
BC 17.6 Events
BC 17.7 Portraits
BC 17.8 Relations with Other Institutions
BC 17.9 Slide and Negative Collection
BC 17.10 Student Activities and Student Life
BC 17.11 College Symbols
BC17.12 Barnardiana
Record Group 18: Moving Images
BC 18.1 Video [CLIO]
BC 18.2 Film Reels [CLIO]
BC 18.3 DVDs
BC 18.4 Mini DV Tapes
BC 18.5 Media Services Videocassettes
Record Group 19: Committees
BC 19.1 Committee on Instruction [Inventory]
BC 19.2 CORRE, Committee in Race, Religion and Ethnicity [Finding Aid]
BC 19.3 Committee on Admissions
BC 19.4 Committee on Advice to New Students
BC 19.5 Committee on Budget Review
BC 19.6 Committee on Foreign Language Requirement
BC 19.7 Committee on Honors
BC 19.8 Committee on Schedule of Hours
BC 19.9 Committee on Programs and Academic Standing
BC 19.10 Committee on Transfers
BC 19.11 Sub-Committee on Curricular Problems
BC 19.12 Committee on Assemblies
BC 19.13 Committe on Scholarships
BC 19.14 Committee on Student Affairs
BC 19.15 Commitee on Student Organizations
BC 19.16 Presidential Selection Committee
Record Group 20: Personal Papers and Collections
BC 20.1 Lucyle Hook (Faculty) [Inventory]
BC 20.2 Helen H. Bacon (Faculty) [Inventory]
BC 20.3 Mirra Komarovsky (Faculty) [Inventory]
BC 20.4 Joseph Gerard Brennan (Faculty) [CLIO]
BC 20.5 Rosalind Rosenburg (Faculty)
BC 20.6 Helen Rogers Reid (Alumna & Trustee) [CLIO]
BC 20.7 Sherry Suttles (Alumna) [Inventory]
BC 20.8 Annie Nathan Meyer (Founder & Trustee) [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 20.9 Alice Duer Miller (Alumna & Trustee) [CLIO]
BC 20.10 Mary K. Kahl (Alumna) [Inventory]
BC 20.11 Pham Bach-Tuyet (Alumna) [Finding Aid]
BC 20.12 Jeanette Mirsky (Alumna) [Finding Aid]
BC 20.13 Jean T. Palmer (Staff) [CLIO]
BC 20.14 Amy Loveman (Alumna) [CLIO]
BC 20.15 Lucy Lewton (Alumna)
BC 20.16 Mary-Jo Kline (Alumna)
BC 20.17 Emma Hyman Selligman (Alumna)
BC 20.18 Duer Family [CLIO]
BC 20.19 Elizabeth Meads Duer [CLIO]
BC 20.20 Caroline King Duer [CLIO]
BC 20.21 Champe Carter Wilson (Alumna)
BC 20.22 Shirley A. Siegel (Alumna)
BC 20.23 Patricia Ballou (Staff)
BC 20.24 Margaret L. Wadds (Alumna) [Finding Aid]
BC 20.25 Isabel Malone Letters (Alumna)
BC 20.26 Sue Larson (Faculty)
BC 20.27 Mary Mothersill (Faculty)
BC 20.28 Susan Riemer Sacks (Faculty)
BC 20.30 Lee Goodwin (Alumna)
BC 20.31 Margaret Holland (Faculty)
BC 20.32 Marion Haskell (Alumna) [Finding Aid]
BC 20.33 Flora Davidson (Alumna & Faculty) [Finding Aid]
BC 20.34 Idris Rossell (Alumna) [Finding Aid]
Records Group 21:  Barnard Awards, Prizes and Scholarships
Records Group 22: Songbooks and Musical Scores
BC 22 Songbooks and Musical Scores [Finding Aid]
Records Group 23: Newspaper Clippings
BC 23 Newspaper Clippings Files [CLIO]
Records Group 24: Financial Records - Ledgers [Inventory] [CLIO]; Emily O. Gibbes Papers [CLIO]
Record Group 26: War Service - World War I
BC 26 War Service - World War I [Inventory]
Record Group 27: War Service - World War II
BC 27 War Service - World War II [Finding Aid]
Record Group 28: Film Festivals
BC 28.1 Works By Women: A Film and Video Festival [Inventory]
Record Group 29: Barnard College Club
BC 29 Barnard College Club [CLIO]
Record Group 30: Barnard-Columbia Relations
BC 30 Barnard-Columbia Relations
Record Group 31: Seven College Career Services
BC 31 Seven College Career Services
Record Group 32: Calendar of Official Meetings
BC 32 Calendar of Official Meetings, 1923-1961 [Inventory]
Record Group 33: Honors Papers and Theses
BC 33 Honors Papers and Theses [CLIO]
Record Group 34: Faculty, Staff, and Visitors Biographical Files
BC 34 Faculty, Staff, Vistors - Biographical Files [Inventory] [CLIO]
Record Group 35: Administrative Scrapbooks
BC 35.1 Scrapbook of Social Activites, 1924-1953
BC 35.2  Scrapbook of Bulletin Board Notices, 1899-1945 [CLIO]
BC 35.3 Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings
BC 35.4 Scrapbook of Printed Bulletins, Notices and Invitations, 1935-1948
BC 35.5 Thusnelda Brettman (Staff)
BC 35.6 Gertrude Mary Hirst (Faculty) [CLIO]
Records Group 36: Programs for Non-Barnard College Students
BC 36.1 Pre-College Program [Inventory]
BC 36.2 Student Essay Contest
Records Group 37: Student Clubs and Organizations
BC 37.1 Barnard College Student Government Association/Undergraduate Association records, 1903-1995, 1903-1968 (bulk). [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 37.2 Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters (B.O.S.S.) [Inventory] [CLIO]
BC 37.3 Barnard Botantical Club [CLIO]
BC 37.4 Barnard Classical Club records, 1911-1920 [CLIO]
BC 37.5 Deutscher kreis records, 1926-1951 [CLIO]
BC 37.6 National Student Association
BC 37.7 WBAR Radio
BC 37.8 Young Women's Christian Association [CLIO]
BC 37.9 Junior Month [CLIO]
BC 37.10 Student Theater at Barnard (STAB)
BC 37.11 Education Confrontation Club
BC 37.12 Urban Studies Society
BC 37.13 McIntosh Activities Council (McAC)
BC 37.14 Barnard Folk Dance Group
BC 37.15 Event Fliers
BC 37.16 Barnard Suffragists
BC 37.17 Lesbians and Bisexuals in Action (LABIA)
BC 37.18 Model United Nations
BC 37.19 Glee Club
BC 37.20 Bacchantae
BC 37.21 Barnard Chapter of the College Settlements Association
BC 37.22 Debate Club - Debate Council
Records Group 38: Greek Games
BC 38 Greek Games [Inventory]
Records Group 39: Memorabilia
BC 39 Barnard Memorabilia [CLIO]
Records Group 40: Barnard Camp - Holly House
BC 40 Barnard Camp-Holly House [Inventory] [CLIO]
Records Group 41: American Woman's Association (AWA)
BC 41 American Woman's Association Records, 1911-1981 [Inventory] [Finding Aid]
Records Group 42: Columbia University
BC 42 Columbia University
Records Group 43: General Scrapbooks
BC 43 General Scrapbooks
Records Group 44: Diversity Collections
BC 44 Diversity Collections
Records Group 45: Seven College Vocational Workshops
BC 45 Seven College Vocational Workshops [CLIO]
Records Group 47: Linda LeClair
BC 47 Linda LeClair Collection [Inventory]
Records Group 48: Eleusinian Mysteries Book
BC 48 Eleusinian Mysteries Book [CLIO]
Records Group 49: Postcards
BC 49 Postcards [Inventory]

Special Collections

Collection Number Collection Name
SC.1 Art Collections [CLIO]
SC.2 Audio Collections [CLIO]
SC.3 Deutsch Collection of Rare Books (Offsite)
SC.4 Gabriela Mistral Collection [Inventory]
SC.5 Overbury Collection of American Women Authors' Letters, Manuscripts, and Books [Finding Aid]
SC.6 Barnard Rare Books Collection
SC.7 Freda Leinwand Collection [Finding Aid]
SC.8 Kitty Kolbert Casey vs. Planned Parenthood Collection [Inventory]
SC.9 Helene Gans Collection [Finding Aid]
SC.10.1 Barnard College Zine Collection [CLIO] [Zine Collection Website]
SC.10.2 Barnard College Zine Correspondence Collection [Finding Aid]
SC.10.3 Lauren Martin Zinester Ephemera Collection [Finding Aid]
SC.10.4 Julia Croon Zinester Ephemera Collection
SC.10.5 Zinester Diary Collection
SC.11 Lida Orzek Collection of WWI and WWII Propaganda Posters [Inventory]
SC.12 Constance Krueger Contemporary Photography Collection
SC.13 Gloria Fokine Dance Collection
SC.14 American Ballet Theater and NYC Ballet Programs, Newsletters, and Repertory Notes
SC.15 Maggie Leigh Groff Abortion Control Act Records
SC.17 East End Women's Alliance Records [Finding Aid]