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It’s your Library (IMATS) DevOp Ben with some cool news about a Docker project called Islandora for All (AKA: ISLE). Islandora is a digital repository solution comprised of a complex stack of applications that need to be run very carefully to function. When it works well it lets users create a digital repository like Barnard Digital Collections. Islandora’s display layer is Drupal, with key aspects being metadata standards, RDF, XML, and lots of storage space for those archival objects (scanned/photographed/recorded at the highest resolutions possible, Islandora-generated smaller derivatives for site visitors)


The hardest part about Islandora is the installation and maintenance of the stack. It takes expert level of knowledge of a wide range of applications--and their quirks--to get all parts of the stack working together. This is a disproportionate challenge for users and institutions who cannot afford to hire a developer or vendor to install, run and/or maintain their stack. No more; enter ISLE.


As the Lead Maintainer on the ISLE project I’m proud to announce the August 31, ISLE 1.1 release. This is the first release that aligns the project to Docker standards and is the most stable, fast, and viable solution to working with Islandora.


Give it a spin: (just follow the README) or learn more about the group that supports this work the Islandora Collaboration Group. We’re always welcoming developers and documenters! People with all levels of skills are encouraged to stick a toe in or dig deep into Docker, Islandora, RDF, metadata, etc. and contribute to the project.


Want to know more? Read the delectable release notes. Future releases are planned on GitHub project boards here!


Ingesting a Barnard College Mortarboard from 1905

Right: Setting Islandora to process our Mortarboard

Left: monitoring ISLE container processes and their resource consumption


Right: Islandora preparing to generate derivate pages from the source PDF.

Left: monitoring ISLE container processes and their resource consumption.


Right: Islandora generating individual pages from the source

Left: monitoring ISLE container processes. `gs` is consuming its share of resources, it is an application used to extract data from PDF.

...and then I ran out of disk space on my development virtual machine! The process was going so well and I wasn’t paying attention to disk usage of the derivate generation process of a 184 page PDF :(



Result of Ingesting a 400 megabyte Sample Object; Image zoomed in close in the viewer.

Orion Galaxy 18x18kpx (309 megapixels)